We are the completely new apparel brands which develop “Would like to send life with briefs to all the people.” for a watchword.

Although BRIEF is generally recognized as one of the men’s underwears, we recognize the possibility beyond it to BRIEF.
It is because BRIEF is filled in an infinite possibility.
Now, don’t you challenge a possibility that BRIEF has together with us, either, and see?

Development which pursued possibility

We are doing our best for development of BRIEF always.
Not to mention production, I will do my best also in the briefing in a design phase.
It is because pursuit of the possibility in a design phase is required for really good BRIEF.
We imagine how it is used, when BRIEF is completed.
At what kind of time is it used by what kind of means at what kind of place?
All are possibility.
In order to share the possibility with all the people, we continue development every day.

The material selected carefully

By LIFE OF BRIEF, the material is also considered to be one of the important elements of BRIEF.
The basis of the idea and India Cotton also with sufficient breathability the touch excels India Cotton also in the performance which inhales sweat well very much are used.
Only BRIEF which used 100% of cotton for cloth, and uses 90% of cotton also for a waist part is used.
Moreover, since BRIEF which gave antibacterial deodorization processing is used, very clean use is enabled.

Big size for possibility

BRIEF of LIFE OF BRIEF is using the thing of very big size.
It is the very big size whose size of a trunk is about 39-43 inches as an absolute size fundamentally.
The size is associated with grand Nature.

Why does it use the thing of big size?
All of it are for possibility.
BRIEF of big size is filled in possibility.
And this possibility will show the possibility of BRIEF which has not been seen to us until now.

Let’s Play! Let’s Enjoy! Let’s BRIEF!